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The calcium (as calcium carbonate) in hard water replaces the sodium on the fatty acids of the soap causing them to precipitate as a sticky scum. This deposits soap scum on the things being washed and causes the formation of "bathtub ring" on bathtubs, sinks, etc.

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Q: Why hard water consumes a lot of soap?
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You must use a lot of water, soap, and scrub hard.

How is hard water different from soft water?

soft water:1. makes lather with soap faster.2. use a lot of water.hard water:1. makes lather with soap in very less amount.2. soap is wasted.3. chlorides, sulphates and bicarbonates of Ca and Mg are responsible.

What common misperception about xeriscaping does the author address in this article?

It consumes a lot of water.

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It is possible, but it would take a lot of soap in the water to cause this. Generally a person will vomit the soap water back out before a major toxicity reaction occurs.

How do you get rid of a burn smell from a pot?

You wash it with a lot of soap and keep i in the sink with a lot of soapy water.

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when anyone get soap in their eyes, just wash it with lot of water. Take a tub of water and open eyes to feel better

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No. All you need is a large, smooth rock, some soap, a lot of water, and the clothes. It take a long time to build a rock, though.

What is the difference between soap and shower gel?

Soap is primarily sodium stearate. It leaves a film when it combines with hard water to form calcium stearate (soap scum). Body wash is a detergent that does not form soap scum. It, like Zest bath bars has no sodium stearate. The difference between the Zest and most body washes is the fragrance in the recipe and that you are paying for a whole lot of water and a fancy bottle.

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Why hard water is unfit for usage?

Hard water contains a lot of ions , which can lead to the build up of limescale.

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