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Ants are attracted to sugar and do not die from eating sugar or sweet things. Most people think sugar kills ant because they try to exterminate the ants with sugar water. The water is what kills the ants. For example, if a bowl of sugar water is left out to kill ants, the sugar attracts the ants but the water drowns the ants.

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Q: Why do ants die after eating sugar?
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Do ants die after eating sugar?

No they Don't

How does cinnamon get rid of red ants?

Hi, Cinnamon does not actually get rid of red ants or any ants but the ants will stay away from it because they dont like it. People say cinnamon gets rid of them but what actually happens is that they take the cinnamon back to their queen but ants cant digest the cinnamon and the queen will die and soon enough their colony will die. If you want to kill them then try using sugar and borax, borax is basically soap. They can resist eating the sugar but will die from eating the soap..the only problem is that the sugar will probably attract more ants but you can try it if you want.

Pictures of ants eating cheese?

ants like cheese better than sugar because even though sugar is sweeter when i did this project the ants completely covered the cheese

What do ants love eating a lot?

sugar anything sugary i think

Which will ants eat sugar on cheese or just sugar?

ants will eat cheese rather than sugar so if u put cheese on top of sugar i think they will eat it rather than eating just sugar

What do sugar ants like?

The answer is in their name! SUGAR ants.

Do sugar ants have wings?

No sugar ants do not have wings. Sugar ants are tiny little ants who are attracted to sweets they are the most commonly found ants in homes.

How do you kill sugar ants?

Put malto meal on the ant pile or in the path of the ants. The ants will eat the malto meal, then they swell up and die.

Is it bad to eat ants?

it is bad to eat ants as some ants are poisinous and also eating ants can make you ill as your body is not used to eating them i would deffinatly not reccomend eating ants!

What do ants prefer sugar or artificial sweeteners?

ants prefer sugar

Why do ants cover the sugar you give them with dirt instead of eating the sugar?

It depends on what type of ants they are. So prefer to eat other bugs, some like only fungus, some only like seeds. It may also mean there are other ingredients in the sugar such as anti caking agents that the ants find distasteful.

Can you kill ants with sweet n low?

Yes! Ants like the taste so they keep on eating the sweet n low but the ants don't realize that the sugar expands and when they eat to much their insides explodes.

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