Why are girls ticklish?

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there nerve cells are stimulated more than the boys because of special sense of touch.

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Q: Why are girls ticklish?
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What kind of girls are ticklish?

the kind who like to be touched (not in that way)lol

Are girls ticklish?

Everyone is ticklish in someway. But if you want to tickle a girl, go for her sides/ribs first or legs/feet to get a reaction. But be careful, she might scream. -__-

Where are girls most sensitive to tickle?

Burnettes are usually really ticklish on the feet, are sometimes ticklish on the armpits, squirm excessively on the legs, and are ticklish on the stomach, according to stereotype. Blondies are usually ticklish everywhere, especially the feet, ( they usaully squirm and giggle endlessly ) and armpits ( they end up breathless if you do this long enough ),are really ticklish on the legs, and are pretty ticklish on the stomach; also according to stereotype. Dirty blondes are usually super ticklish on the feet, ( laugh and can't fight back due to overexcessive ticklishness in the area ) and usually aren't too ticklish in the armpits, ( if they are, they are super ticklish there) moderately ticklish on the legs, and are really ticklish on the stomach; once again to stereotype. Black hairs are usually pretty ticklish on the feet, are really ticklish on the armpits, and also really ticklish on the legs, and really ticklish on the stomach; once again to stereotypes. These results don't go for all girls because this is stereotypes but it should be nearly accurate for all. Hope this helps.

Are girls ticklish on breasts?

Original answer: your weird... lol and NO they aren't Additional answer: I have dated three women that were ticklish on their breasts. It is very unusual but does happen. In each case the woman was super ticklish everywhere else so it kind of made sense.

How do you become ticklish?

Some are born ticklish, some are not, some become ticklish later, an injury can make you ticklish e.g. a spinal injury will affect nerves, sometimes making one ticklish where you weren't ticklish before.

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