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The maximum potential energy is at the top of each swing and is at its minimum at the bottom of the swing when it is perpendicular to a horizontal surface. The maximum kinetic energy is at the bottom of the swing, and is at its minimum at the top of each swing.

Please refer to the related link below for an illustration.

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Q: Where is the potential and kinetic energy in a pendulum?
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How does a pendulum work?

greetings.a pendulum has both kinetic and potential energy at one point.when the pendulum is at its highest point it has potential has kinetic energy when the ball of the pendulum is right in the middle.get it?

What does a pendulum have to do with potential and kinetic energy?

potential energy is whay makes the pendulum swing back and forth

The kinetic energy of a pendulum is greatest?

when its potential energy is greatest

Can anyone describe the energy transformations that occur on a pendulum?

At the highest point of the pendulum (on either side), the head of the pendulum is at the state of highest potential energy (and minimum kinetic energy), this potential energy transforms into kinetic energy as the pendulum drops towards the middle. At its lowest point, the pendulum is at a state of highest kinetic energy (and minimum potential energy), as it swings back up from the bottom, kinetic energy transforms into potential energy as the pendulum gains height and slows down. At the top of this swing, the pendulum is again at a state of highest potential energy and lowest kinetic energy, and the cycle repeats as it swings down again.

Describe the energy conversions that take place in the pendulum?

At the start of a swing the pendulum has lots of potential energy but no kinetic energy. As it moves downwards the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. In the upswing the kinetic energy is converted back into potential energy. Some of the energy is converted into heat by friction which is why the pendulum slows down.

As a pendulum swings energy is continuosly transformed between kinetic energy and?

When the pendulum swings up, it gains potential energy, but loses kinetic energy. Therefore when it swing down, it gains kinetic energy, but loses potential energy.

When a pendulum is at the center position what is true of the kinetic and potential energy?

If a pendulum is at its center position, then there are two possibilities: 1). It may be swinging. Then its kinetic energy is maximum and its potential energy is zero. 2). It may be stopped altogether. Then it has no energy at all.

What force is responsible for the potential and kinetic energy of the pendulum?

gravitational energy

What energy changers on the pendulum bob swings?

a swinging pendulum has its potential and kinetic energy changing.when the swing is at xtreme position it has ma potential energy and at mean position it has max kinetic energy

What happens to the gravitational potential energy as the pendulum starts back up towards its highest point?

The pendulum's momentum or kinetic energy is converted to gravitational potential energy until all of the kinetic energy is converted. The pendulum stops.

Explain how energy is converted as a pendulum swings?

At the end of each swing the pendulum is motionless = no kinetic energy, all potential,) At the center of each swing its all kinetic energy & no potential.

A certain pendulum has a potential energy of 20 J when it is at the top of its swing. What is the kinetic energy?

If at the top of the swing the pendulum is STOPPED then it has zero kinetic energy.

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