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A 15 amp circuit breaker will handle this situation very well. The smallest home breaker is rated at 15 amp.

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2014-06-11 03:10:46
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Q: What size circuit breaker is needed for a 300 watt bulb?
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What size of electrical wire needed for 100A circuit breaker?

#2 copper

How many amps breaker is needed for a 400 watt heater?

A 400 watt heater can safely be used on a 15 amp circuit. The size breaker needed for a circuit is determined by the size of the wiring in that circuit. AWG #14 wire requires a 15 amp breaker. AWG # 12 wire requires a 20 amp breaker.

What is the maximum wire size needed for a typical branch circuit that is protected with a 20-amp circuit breaker?

I think you mean either what is the correct size or minimum wire size needed when a branch circuit is protected by a 20 A breaker. The size is 12 American Wire gauge (AWG). 14 AWG is used for 15 A circuit and 10 AWG for a 30 A breaker. The lower the gauge the larger the cross-section of the wire.

What size circuit breaker is needed for a 90 amp spot welder?

AWG #4 copper.

When installing a circuit breaker do you size the breaker to correct wire size or the device its controlling?

The wire!! The breaker is there to protect the wiring not the device plugged into the circuit.

What size wire and breaker you need for metal halide 400w bulb?

The size of wire and breaker sizing are based on the current of the circuit. To answer this question a voltage must be stated or look on the ballast for the amperage and add that to the question.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a home entertainment system?

You use the correct size breaker depending on the size wire in the circuit. If the circuit is wired with AWG #12 wire use a 20 amp breaker. If it is wired with AWG #14 wire then use a 15 amp breaker.

Installing a 120volt appliance what breaker is needed at the electric box?

Need to know what the wattage or the amperage is of the appliance. The load amperage is what governs the wire size and the breaker to protect the circuit.

What size circuit breaker should be used if you use 5 horsepower of air-conditioning?

To answer this question a voltage value must be given. Circuit breakers protect the conductors that feed the load. The lower the voltage value, the higher the current value, hence a larger the wire size is needed and therefore larger the breaker size for the circuit. In reverse the higher the voltage value, the lower the current value, hence a smaller the wire size can be used therefore smaller the breaker size for the circuit.

What size circuit breaker do you need for a refrigerator?

Suggest dedicated 20 A circuit.

How are Branch circuit protected?

Branch circuits are protected by the circuit breaker found in the electrical panel. Each circuit should have its one breaker. The breaker should be rated to protect the insulation of the wire, so you can determine the breaker size based on the circuit conductor size Example #14-2 should be protected by a 15 amp breaker

What size of a circuit breaker is needed for a 30 amp circuit?

A 30 amp circuit breaker is needed unless the load is a motor circuit, then it has to be sized to 250 percent of the motors full load amps. For 30A circuit is needed breaker 30*1.25=37.5 --> 40A. If load is lamp or heater, then use breaker of group A or B. If load is motor, then use breaker of groupC or D (very hard start) or special safe breaker for motor - with variable amp setpoint. See related link also. By code you are only allowed 80% of the rating of a breaker. So 30x80%=24amps. 24 amps is the MAX allowed on a 30 amp breaker. You would need a 40amp breaker for a 30 amp circuit. 40x80%=32. So you would want a double pole 40amp breaker.

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