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To the north of the North American Plate is the Eurasian plate and to the south is the African Plate.

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Q: What plate boundaries with the north american plate?
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What are examples of sliding boundaries?

Examples of a Sliding boundaries are the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate!

What are the plate boundaries of Northridge earthquake?

The North American plate and the Pacific plate.

What kind of plate boundaries occur between the North American and Pacific Plate?

They are convergent/destructive and transform plate boundaries.

What continents edges are not on plate boundaries at all?

Atlantic plate , pacific plate and north American plate

What type of plate boundary are the pacific and north American plates?

convergent plate boundaries

Which plate boundary is California located on?

California is located on the plate boundaries for the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate.

What kind of plate boundary separates the North American Plate from the Pacific Plate?

The type of plate boundary that separates the North American and Pacific plates is a convergent plate boundary transform-fault plate boundaries

What plate boundaries is Mexico City on?

North American, Pacific and Cocos plates.

What boundary where plates grind past each other?

Passive plate boundaries AKA Transverse plate boundaries EG The Pacific (Oceanic) plate and the North American plate (Continental)

What type of plate boundaries does the Eurasian plate have?

The eastern side is a boundary with the North American Plate to the north and a boundary with the Philippine Sea Plate to the south, and possibly with the Okhotsk Plate and the Amurian Plate.

What boundary is iceland volcanoes?

If you mean plate boundaries, quite a few are along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which consists of the North American and Eurasian plate boundaries.

What are the two plate boundary volcanoes located in the northwest US?

The two plate boundaries are the Juan de Fuca plate and the North American Plate.

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