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The cornea (part of the eye) No direct blood supply to maintain transparency All nutrition supplied indirectly *Tears *Ambient oxygen *Aqueous Humor of anterior chamber

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Q: What is the only part of the human body which has no blood supply?
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Quantity of blood in a human body?

The human body can hold over a gallon of blood. When donating blood, only a pint is taken at one time.

Are blood cells cells you would find in the human body?

Yes. You will find an blood cell in an animal and human body only.

Why does the heart need its own blood supply?

The heart is an organ like any other, so it is conformed of cells that need oxygen to live. If the cardiac cells receive no oxygen from the blood then they will die, causing a heart attack. The vessels that provide this supply are the coronary arteries Heart is the pumping organ of human body, it needs its own blood supply cause it is resposible for pumping the blood through out the body, it receives oxiginated blood from lungs via pulmonary vein( the only vein in the human body which carries pure blood), and then pump it through Aorta(Artery) to the body.

What is the only cell in the human body that doesn't have a nucleus?

The red blood cell is the only cell in the human body that doesn't have a nucleus.

What is the only tissue in the human body that does not require blood?


Why does the brain need a continuous supply of blood and oxygen?

Although the brain is only about 2% of the total body weight in humans, it receives 15-20% of the body's blood supply. Because brain cells will die if the supply of blood which carries oxygen is stopped, the brain has top priority for the blood. Even if other organs need blood, the body attempts to supply the brain with a constant flow of blood.

What doesn't the blood cell have?

they are the only cells in the human body that do not have a nucleus.

Why is the left muscle of your heart the thickest?

it has to supply blood to whole body as compared to right which passes blood to lungs only

What organ of the body gets only oxygenated blood supply?

All of the organs except the heart.

Can bedbugs live on human body?

No, they live in our houses. Only once in a while, when they are hungry, they will go for a human body to suck blood.

What cell in the human body has no nucleus?

Mature red blood cells are the only human cells that do not have a nucleus.

The only area of the body where the blood supply is unaffected while exercising at maximum levels is the?

That would be the brain.

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