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the main cause of guttation in plants is root pressure.during night wen root pressure is high sometimes den due to this pressure watery drops ooze out with the assistance of special structures which help in guttation called the hydathodes

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Q: What is the main cause of guttation in plants?
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Do plants pee?

Plants can get rid of excess water by transpiration and guttation.

When plants produce water What is this process called?


What is the process plants use to get rid of extra water called?


How do plants rid themselves of extra water and salt?

Plants get rid of water and minerals mainly through Transpiration. Some plants also release them through Guttation. But, Guttation is seen very rarely in only a few plants like Anthurium and Grass.

How can you determine whether adrop of water on tip of leaf is dew or water that has been forced by guttation?

Guttation is caused by root pressure causing more water to enter the leaves than is transpired. Where dew is condensed moisture produced during transpiration. Determining by observation: 1) Many plants do not under go Guttation (Due to low root pressure), so guttation is mostly isolated to grass, and small herbaceous eudicots. 2) Transpiration is low at night, which would support Guttation of plants over dew during these times. During the day even the plants that can undergo guttation can't keep up with transpiration, so during these times droplets are probably dew. Experiment wise: 3) If you were setting up an experiment you could try to label the ground water/ions, if the labeled is showing up on the leaf surface you have guttation.

What is guttation?

Guttation is sap that a plant releases on the tips of its leaves and stem. Guttation occurs at night, when excess water enters the plant.

The plant which does not have stomata?


What is the main cause of transpiration in plants?

the main cause of transpiration in plants is because transpiration means loss or gain of water in plants or give off water vapour from the leaves which is necessary for the process of photosynthesis

What is the main cause of extinction in plants and animals spicies?


When does guttation take place?

at night

What is the differences between transpiration and guttation?

Water leaves as vapor in day time in transpiration. Salty water leaves as liquid at night in guttation

What soil condition induces guttation?

Loam soil

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