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Stem ginger is taken fresh and preserved in sugar syrup. It has a different taste than root ginger which is usually allowed to dry somewhat and is grated or ground and put in to dishes and also a very famous cola #1.

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Stem ginger refers to young ginger root that has been peeled and preserved in sugar syrup. Root ginger, on the other hand, is the fresh ginger root that hasn't been preserved. Stem ginger is softer and sweeter due to the preservation process, while root ginger is more pungent and spicy.

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Q: What is the difference between stem ginger and root ginger?
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Is ginger a stem or root tuber?

Yes, ginger is a tuber.

Is ginger stem of the plant?

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is from the root or underground stem (rhizome).

What is the difference between ginger and ginger root?

If your recipe asks for Ginger root, it is the actual root you find in the produce section, that is is asking you to use. in some recipes it is for the flavor, but often ginger has a medicinal characteristic. If you have powder, that is the dried and ground form of the root, and it will not be the same measurement. It also depends on what you are making- if you can substitute the powder for the root.

Is a ginger a root or stem vegetable?

No,they are the stems of a plant......

Is ginger root a fruit or vegetable?

Ginger is a under ground stem used as vegetable

Why is ginger considered a root?

Ginger, as a spice or whole, is a root. That root is able to sprout after being harvested, making whole raw ginger a good investment in my opinion.

What is difference between primary growth and secondary growth?

Primary growth is when the stem or root of a plant gets lengthens, and secondary growth is when the stem/root gets thicker.

Why is ginger called a underground stem?

Ginger is considered an underground stem because it is a rhizome, which is a modified stem that grows horizontally underground. The rhizome of the ginger plant is used for propagation and for storing nutrients. This part of the plant gives rise to new shoots, allowing the plant to spread and grow.

Do ginger grow above or below ground?

They grow above ground. It is a stem plant.

What is the difference of root and stem?

the root looks like a floppy dick and the stem looks like a boner sorry they both look like boners

What difference between sweet potato and potato by images?

Sweet potato is root modification and potato is stem modification both are the example for analogy

Is a ginger stem or root?

Ginger is a modified stem. A rhizome to be exact. Its function is reproduction. Rhizomes usually grow underground, vertically, or horizontally. Exceptions to this description however is a clover or mint. I'm actually studying it now and was confused at first too lol.