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For a continuous load the circuit breaker is set 25% higher than the load current. So a 20-amp breaker is used with a continuous 16-amp load.

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What is the continuous working load on a 50 amp breaker?

As stated in the electrical code, circuits are to be loaded to 80 percent of the total capacity when operating in a continuous state..

What is the difference between making capacity and breaking capacity of a circuit breaker?

Making capacity of a circuit breaker is the maximum current which the breaker can conduct at the instant of closing. Breaking capacity of the circuit breaker refers to the maximum current that the circuit breaker can interrupt.

Why does the circuit breaker controlling the electric heaters in the fan coil occasionally trip?

the circuit breaker has low amperes.

Do you need a gfci outlet if you have a gfci breaker?

Not if the GFCI breaker is supplying the circuit you are wanting to put the GFCI receptacle into.

Is there a circuit breaker that is operated by a signal sent down the same cable that's supplying power to it?

yes it is the main breaker

Breaking capacity in circuit breakers?

what is meaning breaking capacity breaker

What size breaker is required for a 230v 180 amp craftsman arc welder?

maybe 10 amperes

When setting up a breaker box how do you determine circuit breaker capacity?

find amphere required

Rupturing capacity of a circuit breaker?

the maximum short current that can be safely break by the circuit breaker.

What is HT breaker?

high voltage breaking capacity

20 amp breaker how many watts?

Watts = volts x amperes. So if your region uses 110 volts, 20 amperes is equivalent to 2200 watts; if your region uses 220 volts, 20 amperes is equivalent to 4400 watts.

Will a 30 amp breaker protect a 24 Range?

no, because it is depend on its current carrying capacity. eg-if 25amp current flowing in the ckt then 30amp breaker don't protect the ckt but if it is cross the rated capacity then breaker works.

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