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felis is a small cats and panthera is a big cats

The answer above is not quite correct. Oddly enough, the characteristic which taxonymists use to make the distinction between these two genii is the roar, or conversely, it's absence. There are only two members of the genus panthera found in the new world, the Lynx(Panthera lynx canadensis) and the Bobcat(Panthera lynx rufus). Although significantly larger than either of it's fellow Western Hemisphere co-habitants, The Puma, or as it is known in some parts, the Mountain Lion (Felis concolor) is endowed with a caterwaul (or 'scream') rather than a roar and is thus a member of Felinaerather than Pantherina.

There is one more genus present in the family felidaepopulated with but a single member. Acinonyx jubata, or more familiarly, the Cheetah is the fastest running of all the felines. (fastest running critter on the whole planet, for that matter..) The cheetah purrs but hasn't a roar. The characteristic which earns jubata it's very own genus is the lack of retractable claws. (I think that if I were tooling along, barefoot, at a brisk clip of 70 m.p.h. or so, I might be tempted to leave my claws out for traction as well!)

I hope that this answers your question clearly and adequately.

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Q: What is the Difference between genus felis and genus panthera?
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What are the differences between genus Felis and genus Panthera?

cats are in felis genera and panthers are in panth era

Is a lion a genus Felis?

NO, the lion is now in the genus Panthera.

What are the kinds of genus?

Genus has : panthera, felis, canis, gorilla, pan, homo

What are some differences be between the genus Panthera and the genus Felis?

the diffences is the different feature a pantherea is a large cat with a roar like a lion and a felis is a much smaller cat like pet ones

Does a lion belong to the genus felis?

NO, they belong to panthera.Trueyes

What is the leopard genus?

There are various genus of cats these include felis (this includes all small cats) and Panthera, which includes lion leopard jaguar snow leopard and tiger

What does the genus of an animal mean?

"Genus" comes from a Latin word that means something like "family."It's the first half of the Linnaean binomial taxonomy.So, for example, domestic cats are Felis catus. (The genus name is always capitalized, the species name is always not.) The closely related wildcat is Felis silvestris. The also closely related sand cat is Felis margarita. The somewhat more distantly related lion, while still a felid, is in a different genus, Panthera (specificially, Panthera leo).

Do domestic cats belong in the big cats group?

No, big cats such as the lion and tiger belong in the genus Panthera, whereas the domestic cat is one of the six species in the Felis genus.

Where does the scientific name of an organism come from and what is the proper way to write it?

The first part is the "genus" For example: Panthera leo The genus is Panthera. The first part is the "genus" For example: Panthera leo The genus is Panthera.

Genus name for cat?

The genus name is Felis,Felids,or Felis Catus

What is a genus for an cat?

The Genus is Felis

Apa 7 level klasifikasi untuk harimau?

Kerajaan: Animalia Filum : Chordata Kelas : Mammalia Ordo : Carnivora Famili : Felidae Genus : Panthera Spesies : Panthera tigris atau felis tigris

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