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I see you are asking "What is darier-white disease?"

Darier disease, also known as Darier-White disease, keratosis follicularis, or dyskeratosis follicularis (MIM #124200), is a rare autosomal dominant genodermatosis characterized by a persistent eruption of red-brown, keratotic papules scattered to confluent in a seborrheic distribution, nail abnormalities, pitting of ...

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Supratentorial white matter disease refers to abnormalities or damage affecting the white matter in the cerebrum (the largest part of the brain located above the tentorium cerebelli). This condition can lead to various neurological symptoms depending on the extent and location of the damage, such as difficulties with cognition, motor function, or sensory processing.

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I have supratentorial white matter disease and I'm not sure exactly what this is.

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Q: What is supratentorial white matter disease?
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Which is the best description of AIDS dementia?

AIDS dementia is a disease that destorys the white matter of the brain

What is Binswanger disease?

Binswanger disease is a rare form of progressive dementia that develops after age 60 and involves degeneration of the brain's white matter.

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Leghorns, no matter the color, can get any disease that any other chicken can get.

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What is foci of T2 hyperintensity in the subcortical and periventricular white matter?

This phrase is a statement that would be used by a radiologist when reviewing the results from a MRI. Breaking down the phrase by individual parts:T2 - An indication of the type of scan that was done. In a T2-weighted scan, areas that are fluid-filled appear bright, while areas that are fatty appear dark. A T1 scan would show the opposite results.Hyperintensity - An indication of a bright region on the scan.Foci of T2 Hyperintensity, therefore, means "focal points, or concise areas, of very bright spots."Subcortical and periventricular white matter - These are locations within the brain. Regions of the brain are categorized by color (white matter or grey matter) and location (cortical, or related to the cortex, subcortical, or below the cortex, etc).The statement, therefore, means "white spots on a MRI scan at certain locations within the brain."This statement alone does not indicate any particular disease is present. It is a piece of information that a neurologist would use to help determine whether or not someone had a certain disease or condition. There are many conditions or diseases which can cause white spots on the brain; only a neurologist can sort through the possibilities and determine what caused these white spots.

What does a buildup of N-acetylaspartic acid do?

This results in the destruction of the white matter of the brain and nervous system and causes the symptoms of Canavan disease

Why is Canavan disease called spongy degeneration of the brain?

Canavan disease is sometimes called spongy degeneration of the brain since it is characterized by a sponginess or swelling of the brain cells and a destruction of the white matter of the brain

What if your MRI scanned frontal and parietal white matter T2 hyperintensities what does this mean?

my husband has t2 intense foci in the subcortical white matter in the frontal and parietal reigon these are compatible with foci of chronic ischaemic change the finding is related to small vessel disease his mood swings are getting worse would this disease be a part of mood swings.

Is grey matter a disease of the brain that would cause alzheimers?

Gray matter is a normal part of the brain, not a disease.

Is the gray matter of the cerebellum superficial or deep to the white matter?

It is superficial to the white matter.