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The distance between any two lines of longitude varies with the latitude. One decimal degree of longitude at the equator is approximately 111 km (69 miles). A degree of longitude at 45 degrees latitude is ~79km (49 miles) and ~2k (1.2 miles) at 89 degrees latitude. The distance between bands of longitude gets narrower as you get closer to the poles and at the North or South pole all points of longitude converge so the distance at that point is zero.

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Q: What is 1 degree of longitude?
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Space between 2 degrees of longitude is divided into what?

1 degree longitude.

How many seconds of longitude are in one degree?

1 degree = 3,600 seconds

what is 1 degree longitude difference equivalent to change in time?

0 degrees longitude

Does the linear distance corresponding to 1 degree of longitude equal 1 degree of latitude?

Only at the equator. The linear distance covered by 1 degree of longitude gets progressively smaller as you progress towards the poles, but 1 degree of latitude remains constant.

Where is 45 degree longitude?

where is 120 degree longitude

Why is every degree of longitude the time difference is four minutes?

the earth rotates about 360 degree in 24 hours.further,we can say that the earth rotates 15 degree of longitude in 1 hour and 1 degree in 4 minute.

How many seconds subdivide 1 degree of longitude?

"Longitude" is an angle, which is a big reason for why it's expressed in angle units. There are 3,600 minutes in 1 degree of angle.

How 1 degree longitude is equal to 4 minutes?


What is the distance of 1 degree longitude at the equator?

about 69 miles

How the distance of a degree of longitude varies from the equator to the poles?

1 degree of longitude = about 111 km (69.1 miles) along the equator, and zero at the poles. Anywhere, 1 degree of longitude is about 111 km (69.1 miles) multiplied by the cosine of the latitude where it's measured.

How long does it take to move 1 longitude or latitude degree in minutes?

60 minutes in a degree

What city you located at 1 degree S Latitude and 36 degrees E Longitude?

Narok District, Kenya is 1 degree S latitude and 36 degrees E longitude

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