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If a female ferret is not bred she will stay in heat. This will cause an excess of estrogen in her system which will make her anemic eventually causing death.

In the wild, European polecat ferrets and black footed ferrets are solitary animals, and to insure survival of the species, females stay in heat to attract the male for mating. After mating, they go their separate ways and the female alone gives birth and raises the young. The male has no role in the rearing of young ferrets.

Female ferrets (called jills) have a unique reproductive system. Jills are induced ovulators which means that they will stay in heat or estrus until the physical act of mating occurs with either a Hob or Hoblet. An alternative method is a veterinarian can give an injection of hormones called a "Jill jab" to terminiate estrus. The Hoblet is a vasectomized hob (not castrated) that has his tubes cut that transport the sperm to the testicles, and is still able to perform the physical mating process. The physical act of mating induces ovulation in the Jill and brings her out of estrus. She will have a phantom or false pregnancy that will last for the same length of time as a normal pregnancy (40 - 44 days) and will display symptoms of being pregnant. At the end of this time, she might come into estrus again.

If the Jill is not mated or given an injection to end estrus, she remains in that state. The white blood cells will not be produced in adequate numbers, and she will become much more susceptible to an infection. Jills in heat secrete high levels of estrogen and if this hormone stays in the blood for a prolonged period of time, it will cause a progressive depression of bone marrow that causes a severe, life threatening aplastic anemia (abnormal depression of all three elements of blood) which is fatal. The high level of estrogen causes the bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells.

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she will secrete high levels of estrogen and if this hormone stays in the blood for a prolonged period of time, it will cause a progressive depression of bone marrow that results in a severe, life threatening aplastic anemia which is fatal.

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So if I have two girls will that still happen, or would I neef a boy and a girl?

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If a female ferret is not mated during breeding season, she may develop health issues such as a condition called estrus-induced aplastic anemia, which is a suppression of red blood cell production. It's recommended to spay the female ferret if not planning to breed her to avoid these potential health risks.

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Q: What happens if a female ferret is not mated during breeding season?
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Does a male ferret have bad body odors?

If your male ferret is unaltered, they have a very pungent body odor, especially during breeding season. He needs to be neutered if you are keeping him as an indoor pet. Otherwise you'll have to house him outdoors during breeding season

Should you breed your male ferret?

I dont recommend breeding ferrets on your own, when it comes to breeding a female ferret can die if they go into heat and do not find a mate soon enough. Where as of male ferrets can get sick from being in heat. They get swollen glands which can lead to lemphonomia

Can you spay a female ferret?

A veterinarian can spay a female ferret.

What is the proper name for a female ferret?

A female ferret is called a Jill.A mother ferret of a litter is called a Dam.An unspayed female is a Jill, A spayed female is a Sprite.A male is a Hob, and young are called Kits.(In Germany they call kits puppies.)

Why is your male ferret in your female ferret privates?

....when a mummy ferret and a daddy ferret love each other very much... He is trying to mate with the female ferret.

How do male hamsters attract a female hamster?

Female ferrets have seasons. And in those seasons, it's not really about the male "attracting" the female. It principally involves the male ferret leaping on the back of the female ferret, biting her neck so as to hold her in place, and consummating the "relationship".

What is a mitt a female or male ferret?

In the UK, A female ferret is called a Jill, and a male is called a Hob.

What is a male female and baby ferret called?

an unspated female ferret is a Jill. Spayed- sprite a whole male ferret is a hob. Neutered- gib a baby ferret is called a kit

How does the black footed ferret find his or her mate?

Ferrets are solitary animals and are only together during breeding season, which they locate each other through smell. Male and female ferrets have a much stronger body odor during breeding season to attract each other. After mating they go separate ways. The female raises the kits by herself. The male has no role is raising the family.

Can you neuter a female ferret to keep her from going into heat?

Yes, a female ferret can be neutered to keep her from going into heat.

Can a girl ferret have babies without a boy ferret?

No. The sperm from the male ferret is required to fertilise the egg / eggs of the female ferret

Are male ferrets cheaper than female ferrets?

Male and female ferrets tend to cost the same.