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In astronomical terms, revolution refers to a revolving around an axis outside the object, in this case the solar orbit of a planet - the completion of one period of which is called the planet's year. (Mostly because of axial tilt this also brings about the seasons.) By contrast, the rotation about an axis going through the object (spin) brings about the planet's day.

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Q: What happens because of a planet's revolution?
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Why do planets differ in their periods of revolution and rotation?

planets are differ to their period of revolution because it depends on how a planet rotates

What are examples of rotation and revolution?

rotation-planets on axis revolution-planets in orbit

What is aphehilion?

The apehelion is the point in a planet's revolution around the sun where said planet is at its furthest distance from the sun. This happens because the route of planets around the sun is an elipse, rather than a circle.

What would happen if the earth had a faster revolution?

If the Earth had a faster revolution then we would be sucked into the Sun. The sun has gravity, that is what makes the planets orbit it. All the planets are orbiting in a circular motion. Have you ever thought how come the planets never bump into each other~? It is because they are orbiting the sun at the correct revolution :)

What is revolution's importance to the planets?

It has something to do with the planets' temperature and climate.

How do the periods of rotation and revolution for the gas giant Planets different From those earth?

because of the sun

How do the periods of rotation and revolution for the gas giant planets different from those of Earth?

because of the sun

What two factors affect a planets revolution?

Two factors that affect a planets revolution are distance from the sun and size.

How is the revolution of the moon different from the revolution of planets?

The planets revolve around the sun. The moon revolves around Earth.

Which planets have longer revolution period?

The outer planets have the longer revolution period, which are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptun.

The planets revolution from the sun?

Depends on the mass of the planet, its speed and the mass of the sun. Our planets revolve because they have the right speed and mass to revolve steadily.

Explain the difference between rotation and revolution?

Rotation is difference with revolution because rotation is like the planets spin on an axis. And revolution is like the planet revole around the sun.

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