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what does it mean when the moon falls out of the sky

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Q: What does it mean when you dream of the moon falling out of the sky?
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What does it mean when you dream falling from the sky?

If you dream of falling from the sky but you were almost reaching something important it could mean you may fail to succeed to what you think you might be done with.

What does it mean when you dream your falling from high sky?

This dream illustrates your feeling out of control in real life.

What does it mean to dream about angels falling from the sky?

This dream suggests that the dreamer has been deeply disappointed by a person or persons who were admired and trusted.

What does it mean to dream about worms falling from the sky?

To see a worm in your dream, represents weakness and general negativity. You have a very low opinion of yourself or of someone in your life.

What does it mean when you dream about a ambulance falling from the sky?

This is an interesting dream. It could mean double trouble since the ambulance may already have injured people and then it falls from the sky. Or it could mean help coming out of nowhere when you need it most. It could also be an allusion to Divine Intervention. Many associate Heaven and God with the sky, and most associate ambulances with emergency help.

What does the word mew moon mean?

The first moon, where the sky is darkest.

What does it mean when you dream about Cars falling from the sky?

A dream of a car falling from the sky could have very different meanings, depending on how the car falls: If the car falls gently, landing beautifully without any damage, the dream might be a wish-fulfillment dream. We would all like to receive "gifts from heaven." OTOH, if the car crashes to earth, the dream might be a warning from the dreamer's subconscious that it's time to come back to earth - in other words, be more realistic with your expectations.

When was Falling Sky created?

Falling Sky was created in 1998.

What is the meaning of the saying the sky is falling?

People mean that it is the end of the world/

What does it mean when you dream of angels falling from the sky and you are one of them?

Although the dream pictures angels, it refers to your human falibility. It uses a traditional religious image of the Fallen Angels to express your recognition that you, like everyone else, are less than perfect.

What does it mean when tennis balls are falling from the sky?

It means that someone has a good serve?

Which planet does the moon revolve around?

It depends on which moon you're referring to. If you mean the moon in our sky, then the earth.

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