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1 Pound = 16 ounces

ounces used to measure beer is a measure of volume, not weight. A gallon of beer weighs about 8 pounds. Therefore 16 fluid ounces (one pint or 1/8 gallon) weighs about 1.0625 lbs.


The weight of a fluid ounce of beer will vary with the recipe and completeness of fermentation. Home brewers call this 'gravity' and measure it with a hygrometer. The same is true for wine.

1 pound always equals 16 ounces in weight, but a fluid ounce is 4% more in the US than in the UK. For details, look for 'pint' in Wikipedia.

For more weirdness, check out section 3.1 of that article.

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2012-04-20 18:11:52
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Q: What does 16 ounces of beer weigh?
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