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Your blood cells

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Q: What cells carry glucose?
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Why is glucose needed in the blood cells?

to carry it to the muscles which need energy.

What does blood carry to your cells?

Blood carries oxygen and various nutrients (glucose, electrolytes, etc.) to your cells.

How does glucose affect red blood cells?

Glucose affects red blood cells by helping them carry oxygen. This is all done in a response to the insulin entering the body.

What two ingredients are needed for your cells to carry out cellular respiration?

You need oxygen and glucose.

What materials does the circulatory system carry to the body cells?

oxygen and well i think glucose?

What is the function and location of blood?

function is to carry oxygen and glucose to cells. found under your skin.

The viens vascular bundles of a leaf not only carry soluble food such as glucose away from the cells that make them but also carry a supply of what raw material to those cells?


Do animal eukaryote cells make sugar?

No. All animal cells need glucose to carry out cellular respiration, but we need to get that from the food we eat.

What do phloem tubes carry?

GlucoseThey do not carry glucose because it is reducing.They carry glucose as sucrose

Does the heart carry dissolved food away from body cells?

If your blood contains dissolved food, you are in BIG trouble, but only for a moment... after a moment you will be dead. The blood brings glucose to the cells, and the cells extract energy from the glucose. This is the most basic energy form for the cells; there are others.

What is the function of plant cells with many chloroplasts?

It mainly involve in glucose production. They carry out photosynthesis for food production.

How do cells get energy they need to carry on their activities?

Cells get their energy from cellular respiration. During cellular respiration cells use glucose molecules and then convert them in to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

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