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No theory contradicts evolution. Evolution is the basepoint of all Biology.

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Q: What cell theory contradicts evolution?
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Do Christians not believe in the theory of evolution?

They do not belive in the theory of evolution beacuse it contradicts the bible's idea that the human race was created in 6 days.

What do the cell theory and theory of evolution and natural selection have in common?

the theory of plate tectonicsthe endosymbiosis theorythe cell theorythe theory of evolution by natural selection

What happens when evidence contradicts a theory?

When evidence contradicts a theory, the theory must be changed or scrapped.

Why did the ideas of Charles Darwin cause controversy?

Darwin's theory of evolution contradicts the literal interpretation of creation as taken from the bible

Why did ideas of Charles Darwin cause controversy?

Darwin's theory of evolution contradicts the literal interpretation of creation as taken from The Bible

How does Darwin's theory of evolution contradict religion?

Evolution does not contradict religion itself. It contradicts the interpretation of a religious text as a literal description of biology. By the same token, the solar system contradicts the interpretation of religious text as meaning the Earth is the center of the Universe.

How does the cell theory show that Darwin's theory of evolution was incorrect?

It does not. Cell theory is fully compatible with evolutionary theory. Does this mean we know everything about the evolution of cells? No. We say we do not know, not that cell theory shows that evolutionary theory is incorrect. ( except, of course, if you are referring to heritability. This Darwin got wrong, but this is not directly related to cell theory )

What is a commonly scientific theory other the theory of evolution?

Cell theory, theory of relativity, theory of gravity. To name a few.

How does evolution connect all life?

The theory of evolution is states all life evolved from a single living cell.

What part of the cell theory did Lynn margulis contribute to?

She proved that evolution occurs.

Why science cannot accept evolution?

Evolution is a widely accepted scientific theory, but it is still a theory. It cannot be absolutely proven, it can only be supported by evidence.There are unknown facts about the theory, such as how/where the first cell(s) originated.

Why does Darwin's theory of evolution cause controversy?

There are two reason why Darwin's Theory of Evolution are controversial. 1; people don't want to believe that they evolved from apes. 2; the theory of evolution contradicts most religious beliefs of how we came to be. Instead of the first humans having been created looking just like us, the first human-like creature was evolved from something that crawled from the sea.

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