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Carb flames are causes by a variety of things. most often the engine is advanced to far or you have a carb leak interally that puts to much fuel in the engine. If the engine has high miles the intake valves may be leaking allow the flame to escape around it.

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2006-04-04 18:58:37
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Q: What causes flames to come from carburetor?
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What causes fire out the carburetor?

A misfire will cause flames to come out of the carburettor

If flames are coming out of the carburetor which way do you need to turn the distributor?


Why would flames shoot out your pipe?

Your running rich. you have to adjust your carburetor to make it leaner.

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What causes a lawn mower carburetor to flood?

A bad, stuck or dirty float needle inside the carburetor.

What causes Fuel leaks from carburetor bottom when not running engine?

bad seal in between your intke manifold and carburetor

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What causes carburetor overflow tube to leak gas on 03 Honda rancher?

your float is stuck in the carburetor. Clean it with carb cleaner.

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What causes gas leaking from a carburetor?

Usually a stuck float mechanism.

Why would flames come out of your carburetor when trying to start your engine?

AnswerSounds to me that your vehicle is off time. Check the timing on it. If the timing is off it will backfire through the carb and also if it is cross wired (firing order wrong) it will backfire through the carb.

Where do flames come out of gas liquid and solid?

Not quite sure what you are asking but there are flames with both solid and liquid fuels

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