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Pregnant woman are generally advised to avoid chemicals and fumes. At this time it is not known if hair dye is a risk factor, but the tests that have been conducted so far indicate that it is unlikely.

Laser facial hair remover is thought to be safe during pregnancy.

Bleaches or depilatories are not recommended during pregnancy mainly because they can be absorbed into the skin and there has been no study done to determine the effects on a developing fetus. I'm not to sure about the facial product you use which contains aspirin, but I'm assuming it's probably the same as using bleaches... because once again, it is absorbed into your skin. I'd talk to your doctor about these products before hand. I hoped I helped. Stacey

Above is the former person's answer, but hair dye is not to be used in the first trimester. The first trimester is when the fetus develops all of its major organs, and hair dye, with or without ammonia, has not been fully researched. After the first trimester, it is considered safe provided you are in a well-ventilated area. It is recommended, however, that a hair color without the use of ammonia be used, and that the color not be applied to the roots/scalp.

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Q: What beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy?
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