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membrane package.

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Unwanted substances inside a cell are typically packed into vesicles or organelles for processing, recycling, or disposal. These structures help maintain the cell's internal environment and prevent harmful molecules from interfering with normal cellular functions.

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Q: What are unwanted substances inside a cell packed into?
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When a cell has unwanted substance's are packed into a what?

membrane package

What is the cell membrane used for in the plant cell?

The Cell membrane on a plant cell is used to allow some substances into the cell (for nourishment) while keeping other (harmful or unwanted) substances out.

Why would cell membrane be destroyed if if it were permeable instead of selectively permeable?

Unwanted substances could get in, potentially destroying the cell and membrane.

What controles the movement in and out of the cell?

Inside of a cell it is the cell membrane which lets substances pass into the cell, and out. The cell wall is used to keep the shape of the cell the same.

How do cell membrane function?

Cell Membranes transport substances between the environment around the cell and inside the cell.

What is the structure that packages substances inside the cell?

Rough ER

Structure that packages substances inside a cell?

Golgi body

Structure that packages substances inside the cell?

The organelle responsible for packaging substances inside the cell is the Golgi apparatus. It receives proteins and lipids from the endoplasmic reticulum, modifies them, and packages them into vesicles for transportation within the cell or outside of the cell.

What cell main job is to control which substances enter and leave a plant cell.?

The main job of the cell responsible for controlling which substances enter and leave a plant cell is the cell membrane. It acts as a selectively permeable barrier, allowing nutrients and other essential substances into the cell while keeping unwanted substances out. Additionally, the cell membrane also helps maintain the cell's internal environment by regulating the movement of molecules.

Based on diffusion what will happen to the substances inside and outside of the cell?

Substances will move from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration in order to achieve equilibrium. Inside the cell, substances will diffuse out if the concentration outside is higher, and substances will diffuse in if the concentration outside is lower, until equilibrium is reached.

What substances inside of cell walls make them tough?

The primary substances responsible for making cell walls tough are cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin. These substances provide structural support and rigidity to the cell wall, helping to maintain the shape and integrity of the cell.

What is the transport of substances from the outside to the inside of a cell by a vesicle?

Vesicular active transport