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by certain inflammation caused due to the advent of the pathogen we can analyse the type of pathogen

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To identify the pathogen causing a specific disease, the steps typically involve collecting samples from the affected individual, isolating the pathogen in the laboratory, analyzing its characteristics through techniques like microscopy or genetic testing, and comparing the results to known pathogens in databases to make a definitive identification. Additional tests may also be performed to confirm the findings and determine the best course of treatment.

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Q: What are the steps in identifying the pathogen that causes a specific disease?
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How do scientist know that a pathogen causes a specific disease?

it causes other diseases

How do scientists know that a pathogen causes a specific disease?

It is present in all cases of the disease

Which type of disease does a pathogen cause infectious or noninfectious?

A pathogen causes infectious disease. For instance, influenza virus is the pathogen that causes flu.

Procedure used to determine which pathogen causes a specific disease?

What it's about Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment

What is anything that causes a disease?


Diseases caused by pathogens are called?

N/aA pathogen by definition is a disease causing organism

What does pathogens transmitted throgh air cause?

Any pathogen causes disease. Which disease depends on which pathogen.

What is the name of an agent that causes a disease?


If a virus is a pathogen this means?

A pathogen is a microorganism that causes disease such as bacterium and viruses. All viruses are pathogens, which means they all cause disease it causes disease But a pathogen is a living organism and a viru s is not so its really argumentive.

What is an organ that causes a disease?

A disease causing organism is called a pathogen.

What is the difference between a disease and a pathogen?

Pathogen is the agent or the culprit that causes a disease while the disease is the end result of what a pathogen did. Example: HIV virus is the pathogen while AIDS is the disease state that can result from high HIV viral load.

What is the difference between a pathogen and a contagion?

A pathogen causes a disease while a contagion spreads a disease by direct or indirect contact.