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There are many words to describe him but a great way to find some is to simply search his name in an online dictionary

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Q: What are some words to describe Jacques Cousteau?
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Where did Jacques Cousteau live?

Jacques Cousteau lived some where

What are some describing words of Jacques Cousteau?

filmmaking and oceanography

What are some interesting things that happened in 1943?

Jacques Cousteau invented the Aqualung Jacques Cousteau invented the Aqualung

What are some of Jacques Cousteau's inventions?

Aqua lung

Did Jacques Cousteau go to college?

Mr. Cousteau did go to college but some say that he did not finish. ~Henry~

What are some words that describe Jacques Cartier?

umm... cool i guess

What was Jacques-Yves Cousteau religion?

If you read some internet articles, you will cross Islam as the religion of preference of Jacques. Weather that answers your question, I have to add that Jacques is a person that most of us believed was an atheist.

Who are some underwater explorers?

Jacques Cousteau, Hans Hass, Llyod Bridges, Stan Waterman, all were famous underwater explorers.

What are some books written by Jacques Cousteau?

The Silent World The Human, the Orchid, and the Octopus Life and Death in a Coral Sea The Shark The Ocean World

Was Jacques cousteau a Muslim?

No!!! Jacques-Yves Cousteau died on 25 June 1997 in Paris, aged 87. Despite persistent rumors, encouraged by some Islamic publications and websites, Cousteau did not convert to Islam, and when he died he was buried in a Roman Catholic Christian funeral.[14] He was buried in the family vault at Saint-André-de-Cubzac in France. An homage was paid to him by the city by the inauguration of a "rue du Commandant Cousteau", a street which runs out to his native house, where a commemorative plaque was affixed.

What are some words that describe brown?

Words that describe nouns are adjectives. Some adjectives to describe the noun brown are:lightdarksepiaauburnredyellowchocolaterussetsiennarust

What are some words that describe a spoon?

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