What are bronze pots?

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Bronze pots have Chinese writing on them.

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Q: What are bronze pots?
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What did Corinth trade?

Bronze, perfume, and pots.

Which objects with writing on them have been found from the shang period?

They wrote on Stone's you don't like you could pick Bronze Pots .

How was material made in ancient Egypt?

clothes were made from linen and tools from bronze and pots and other things were made from dirt and clay.

Who invented smelting?

Humans began melting metals over 8000 years ago in prehistoric times. They made tools and weaponry as well as pots out of bronze, copper, and iron.

What are pots made out of?

Some pots are made out of plastics but most pots are made out of clay.

A potter makes 35 pots in a day. How many pots can he make in 48 days?

1 day = 35 pots 48 days = 48 ร— 35 pots = 1080 pots.

What is caught pots in the sea?

human beings.. when people drown they are caught in pots

Why do most Early Bronze Age Cypriot bowls jugs flasks etc have a rounded rather than a flat bottom?

PS I know that many other pots from the period (and earlier) also have rounded bottoms but I happen to have become fascinated with Bronze Age Cypriot pottery which is particularly exuberant and sculptural.

On runescape how do you fire pots?

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Why did the hopi make pots?

why did hopi make pots

What is an easy chocolate pots recipe?

One easy chocolate pots recipe is called the Easy Marbled Chocolate Pots recipe. Other chocolate pots recipes include the Chocolate Pots de Creme recipe and the Rich and Easy Dark Chocolate Pots recipe.

What can you do with your old pots and pans?

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