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Women can not be colorblind, only men. For questions like these a punnett square is useful. Men can not carry the colorblind trait, but women can. I know this is kind of confusing.

When a carrier ( a woman with the color blind trait) has children with a man ( color blind or not) her kids will have 50% chance of having that trait. If its a girl, she will be the carrier. If its a boy, he will have the colorblind trait.


Theoreticaly, 1 of the daughters will be the carrier, and the son will have a 50% chance of being colorblind.

Women can be colorblind, its just rare. About every 6400 women one is colour blind and with men, every 80 men 1 is colour blind.

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He has two Y chromosomes
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Q: The gene for color blindness is a recessive allele located on the x chromosome. If a color blind man and color blind woman have one son and three daughters how many will be color blind?
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What chromosome is color blindness located on?

The X chromosome

A recessive gene located on the X chromosome is the cause of color blindness in affected individuals. Males are more likely to be colorblind than females because?

Males only have one copy of the X chromosome

Which describes the allele that causes color blindness?

The allele that causes red-green colorblindness is a recessive allele located on the X sex chromosome, so it is sex-linked.

Are sex linkedd traits usually dominant or recessive?

The alleles on the sex chromosomes are still dominant or recessive, the difference is that even a recessive trait on the X chromosome can be expressed if it is located at a gene locus that has no matching locus on the Y chromosome. The alleles for red-green color blindness are located on the X chromosome is a place that has no corresponding locus on the Y chromosome. Inheritance for a male child depends on the mother's genetics and, if she is a carrier, the male child has a 50% chance of being color blind.

What gene is color blindness located?

Red-green colorblindness is located on the X chromosome.

What gene for red green color blindness is located on the X-chromosome it is normally not possibly for a?


What is a recessive traits?

An x-linked recessive trait is a trait located on a x gene that is not dominant. It typically will show up when there is only 1 x gene, in the instance of males. Color blindness is an example.

Can A and a alleles both be located on one chromosome?

If the A allele represents the dominant allele at a specific locus and a represents the recessive allele for the same locus they cannot occupy the same locus on one chromosome. A heterozygous individual would have A on one chromosome and a on the other.

What is a x-linked recessive trait?

An x-linked recessive trait is a trait located on a x gene that is not dominant. It typically will show up when there is only 1 x gene, in the instance of males. Color blindness is an example.

Why can a man who has a sex-linked disorder pass the disorder to his daughters but not to his sons?

Sounds like the disorder is genetic and located in his x-chromosome.

What is a x linked resessive disorder?

X-linked recessive disorder identifies location of the gene causing the disorder as being located on the X chromosome.

When are sex link traits due to occur?

Sex-linked traits are caused by genes located on a sex chromosome.In humans, sex is caused by one pair of chromosomes (the sex chromosomes). In females they are called X chromosomes, so females are XX. Males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, so males are XY.The Y chromosome is shorter than the X chromosome so many genes on the X chromosome do not have a 'matching' gene on the Y chromosome. So a recessive allele carried on the X chromosome is more likely to be expressed in males, because they won't have another copy of that allele on the Y chromosome.Females have two X chromosomes so a recessive allele on one may be 'hidden' by a dominant allele on the other, so sex-linked traits are much rarer in females since they would have to inherit two recessive alleles.Examples of sex-linked traits in humans are colour-blindness, muscular dystrophy and haemophilia [note these are UK spellings!].

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