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1 hp= 746 W

Therefore 746*5=3730

3730 W

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Q: How many watts of power does a 5 horsepower motor use?
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How many horsepower is an 11 kW motor?

There are 746 watts in one horsepower.

How many running watts does it take to power a 100 hourse electrical engine?

A 100 horsepower electrical motor would consume 74,600 watts.

How many watts are there in horsepower?

10400 watts = 13.9 Horse power

How many watts is 1 horsepower of a motor?

In theory one horse power equals 746 watts. They are both basic measures of power. A 1 HP motor however draws more than 746 watts because to give a mechanical output of 1 HP/746 watts at the shaft, the motor has to draw more than 746 watts of electric power to cover losses in caused by resistance in the windings and the iron core of the motor, and friction in the bearings. A typical efficiency for a motor would be 90% so that the electric power used would be 829 watts. <<>> For clarification in all electrical calculations regarding horsepower, 746 watts per horsepower is used.

How many watts are in donkey power?

Half of what is in a horsepower.

How many horsepower are there in 10400 watts?

10400 watts = 13.9 Horse power

How many watts in a half horsepower motor?

1 Horsepower is about 746 watts. So 1/2 HP = 373 watts. The actual power drawn from the source is probably more than that due to reactive power, winding resistance and friction, to name a few factors.

How many watts on a 220 volts 1horsepower motor pump?

One horsepower is equal to 746 watts.

How many watts are in a half horsepower?

One horse power is defined as 746 watts.

How many watts of power are equal to 1 horsepower?

The definition is that 746 watts equal one horse-power.

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