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4 hours

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Q: How long swim after chlor brite pool chemical?
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What are some pool cleaning products for pool maintenance?

Some pool cleaning products are Surface Magic Water Surface Cleaner,Pool Perfect, Polaris pool cleaner,Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine, and Hayward Pool Vac XL.

How long before you can swim in your pool after using the chemical pool clear with no chlorine?

What was the chemical "pool cleaner"? You need chlorine to sanitize the pool water.

If you do not have enough sand in the filter would that keep your pool from clearing up?

Possibly. But have you checked the chemical levels 1st - chlor, pH, Total alkalinity? Are you running the filter/pump long enough? Run 24/7 until pool is very clear then cut back to about 8 to 10 hrs.

How do you get rid of clear green pool water Chemical balance is perfect and no trace metals or algae A soft swim pool?

More filtration. What is the filter run time? What delineates "perfect"? 3.0 Chlor, 7.5 pH, spot on alkalinity?

Can a diamond brite finished pool be pressure washed then refilled?

depends how old it is.

What is Cost of diamond brite pool plaster?

The cost of Diamond Brite pool plaster varies from state to state and the store or online store from where you buy it. In some locations you can buy an 80 pound bag for $20.06. An 80 pound bag of Diamond Brite pool plaster covers approximately 22 sq. ft. to a thickness of 3/8".

How long should you wait to add Algaecide after adding shock to pool?

Buy an algaecide with instructions. They will tell you what pH and chlor level is optimal. Beware of copper or silver based products as they can lead to staining of the pool surface.

How long do you have to wait after pool is cleaned?

Sometimes when my mom and dad gives the chemical anyway the pool.

How to maintain the free chlorine level in the pool?

You need a test kit to determine free chlorine levels. To reach those levels you test the water and add chlorine until you achieve the required amount ( 1.5 to 5.0 ppm) of chlor. The first reading on the kit is available chlor. The second part of the test would determine the free chlor level. The free chlorine is what is doing the sanitizing or killing of bacteria. The first reading only tells you that you have some chlor in the water. It is probably not safe to use the pool if you do not have a sufficient amount of free chlor. k

What you mean by acid water?

With a new pool surface installed- Diamond Brite or any aggregate surface- is it possible or doable to acid wash the pool with water in the pool??

How much Diamond Brite is needed per square ft?

In Florida we only measure the floor of the pool. Lenght x width and you have the square footage for a pool. A 350sqft pool with a nice shell, without too many imperfections , will be done with 28 bags of diamond brite (80# bag). Premium Pool and Pavers, Clearwater, Florida 727 271 5975.

Why did pool water turn brown the day after you put in pool?

Iron in the fill water and you probably added chlor right after filling. Filter the water for 24 hrs then add chlor. There is a product made for iron in the water. It is a chealating agent that keeps the iron in suspension until the filter can filter out the iron.

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