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You need a wire that u can link to 3 ways then link them to 3 light switches anywhere in your house the farther the more.

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Q: How do you hook up a ceiling fan with two 3 way switches?
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What is two way switch?

Two way switch refers to two switches that both control the same light. Two separate switches that are used in pairs to control the same ceiling fan are two way switches.

How do you hook up one light and two switches?

You can put both of the switches conected on the light

How do you fix two of the four non working lights in your ceiling fan?

you fix the light on the ceiling fan by puting a new light bulb in your fan

How far down from the ceiling do you hang a fan when the ceiling is 12 feet high?

If the fan came with two stem lengths use the longer one. On a ceiling that high two feet is a good distance to get air circulation from above the fan to below it.

The fan has black blue and white wire and the ceiling has black red and white wire so which wires go where?

The fan wiring is as follows, black for fan, blue for light (if there is one) and white is the circuit neutral. Three wires to the ceiling box suggest that there are two switches on the wall box. One that controls the light and one that controls the fan. At this point you have to decide which switch you want to control the fan and which switch you want to control the light and connect them accordingly to the fan wire colours in the ceiling box.

What wires match up on a ceiling fan where ceiling has black white red and fan has black blue white?

Black to Black - Black from the ceiling is a hot wire and should be switched Red to Blue - Red wire is another hot wire and should also be switched White to White - White from the ceiling is the neutral and should not be switched. Your wall should have two switches, one will control the red wire, one will control the black wire. If you wire your fan as above, one switch will turn the fan on, the other will turn the light of the fan on.

Hooking up ceiling light with 2 whites and 2 blacks and one green yellow striped wire meanwhile the two wires in the ceiling are white and black where do you hook the green yellow striped wire to?

You may not have a ground wire in your older housewiring. Hook it somewhere to the metal plate that holds the fan to the box.

How do you install a ceiling fan when the junction box has only 2 white wires?

idk but i think it takes two people to change a ceiling fan HAHA!

How do you install a ceiling fan that has green black blue and white wires to a junction box that only has black white and bare wire?

Connect the green wire to the bare wire in the junction box. Connect the white wire to the white wire in the junction box. Connect the black blue wires to the black wire in the junction box. The black is usually the fan and the blue is usually the light on the fan. They seperate them in case you wish to hook the fan/light to two switches.

Can you install a remote control to control two wall switches and a ceiling fan and a table lamp?

Yes. the two switches are called '3-way' switches. You will have to turn the fan/light on with one of the switches and leave BOTH switches in that position. The remote control unit will have to be wired in between the switch that is supplying power to the devices and the devices. This is the simplest way. You could also disable one of the switches and replace the remaining switch with the RC unit. If you are not sure how to deal with 3-way switches, learn about them first, or call a good electrician to do all of the work. Remeber that the black wire is hot, but only if the house was wired properly in the first place.

Fan wires are green white blue and black and ceiling wires are green white red and black so what gives?

It sounds like your fan also has a light with it. If your wall switch is a two gang box with two switches in it most likely one switch is for the light on only and the other switch is for the fan on only. This can be checked out by installing the fan and making the connection green to green, white to white, black to black. Turn on one of the switches and see if the fan operates. Disconnect this connection and then connect the red wire to the black fan wire. Turn the other switch on. If the fan turns on again, then the two switches were installed to operate the fan and light separately. If this is the case disconnect the red and fan black wires and reconnect the black to black. This is the fan connection. Connect the red to blue fan wire and this is the light on the fan connection.

What colors do you connect the black and white wires from a ceiling fan if the house wires are red black white and ground?

I assume you mean the red, black, white, and ground wires are in the ceiling box where the fan is going to be installed. If this is the case, the black wire and red wires are "switch legs" fed from two switches on a nearby wall. Usually the black wire is used for the ceiling fan motor, and the red one is used for the fan light. If this fan does not have one, you only need to use on wire, either red or black, and cap off the other wire. The white wire connects to the white wire on the ceiling fan, and the ground connects to the bare copper wire (if supplied) on the ceiling fan. <<>> Usually in the fixture itself the black wire is for the motor and the blue wire is for the light.

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