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history of counselling in Kenya

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Q: History of guidance and counseling in Kenya?
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What are some examples of guidance and counseling?"

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Athelstan Arnold Aldridge has written: 'A history of the guidance program for schools of Alberta' -- subject(s): Counseling, Educational counseling, Education, Vocational guidance

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The relationship between guidance and counseling and home is proportional. Through guidance and counseling, people are able to live peacefully and in full understanding with each other at home.


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Guidance is about being there for someone and having support. Counseling is helping someone with their problems and telling them how to cope with it.

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there is no difference really look up the words guidance and counseling on and they are almost identical it says that counseling is personal guidance though.ANSWERWell, in my understanding, guidance is were you lead a person to the right path, show them something new, and counseling is more of like therapy, giving opinions, points of view on things.

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