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No, they do not. Only girls and women have it. The uterus is the place inside the woman where the baby will grow for nine months, before it is delivered. Men and boys do not need a uterus, because they do not give birth to a baby.

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2014-07-18 06:46:08
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Q: Does boys have uterus
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What is a boy period?

Typically boys don't experience periods - a period is when the uterus lining sheds, most boys don't have a uterus. There are trans boys who may menstruate.

Why can't boys have babies?

because they do not have uterus

Why dont boys have periods?

From WikipediaMenstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining (endometrium). It occurs on a regular basis in reproductive-age females of certain mammal species.The answer to your question is the while a girl has a uterus, and therefore a uterine lining which can be shed every month, boys do not. The uterus is where the baby is grown before it is born.

Why do girls pass menstruation why not boys?

Boys don't have babies, girls do. A period is the lining of the uterus after it is no longer needed when a girl doesn't get pregnant.

Can a can a 13 year old boy have a period?

Nope no ovaries or uterus, if you have a penis. No period for boys

What are the sexes of the largest multiple births?

bob was one of the 400 boys and 300 girls out of the uterus

What are all the differences between girls and boys?

girls have 2 x chromosomes boys have an x AND a y girls generally have a lot more estrogen boys have more testosterone girls usually have a vagina boys have a penis girls have a hole for sex and a hole for pee boys have on hole for both girls have ovaries boys have testicles girls usually have a uterus and wider hips boys have no uterus and are basically curveless girls go through menopause boys are usually fertile until they die girls' faces are basically hairless boys grow mustaches and beards girls can give birth boys can impregnate women

What do girls have to do that boys don't?

Girls get their periods as a sign their reproductive system is working correctly. The blood is coming from their uterus, and as boys don't have those, they don't get periods -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yes but i do ask you don't put anymore questions like this on he site.

Do females have a postate gland and does it distinguish male-female homosapiens one from the other?

No. Boys have a prostate gland, girls have a uterus. They both have the same embryological stem.

Do boys use tampons?

Yes, some boys do use tampons.Some boys are born with a uterus and a vagina so will menstruate just like girls - cis boys, in other words boys who aren't born with a uterus and a vagina but have a penis instead, don't typically use tampons. Some boys may experiment with using tampons anally, but that's not healthy and nor is it particularly normal - if a boy wants to insert something anally they should use sex toys!Tampons can also be used for bloody noses, they are the perfect size to put into the nostril to stop blood during a nose bleed - some boys will keep tampons if they play a lot of contact sports or suffer a lot of nose bleeds.No, boys do not use tampons. Tampons are used by girls.

What does a uterus mean?

A hard uterus means an enlarged uterus. An enlarged uterus can be a symptom of pregnancy or fibroid tumors. If you think you are pregnant or have a hard uterus consult a physician.

Can you massage the uterus?

No, the uterus is internal.

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