Do asteroids float

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asteoids do not float because they hace craters so they catch air and go fast

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2013-04-12 16:51:26
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Q: Do asteroids float
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What rocks just float in space?


What large rocks float freely through space?


Different name for asteroids?

Piecies of rock that float through space like rocks in a pool

Why are asteroids not considered planets?

A planet is like a satellite, so it revolves around something. But asteroids normally don't revolve around anything, but they are just chunks of rock that float around in outer space.

Are you safe even if astronauts blow up the asteroids?

That depends are they in earths atmosphere and able to fall, or are they in outer space and only able to float?

What do comets and asteroids and meteors have in common?

Most are unchanged since their formation in the solar nebula.

What is the name of fragments of planet-like matter that float in space?

You may be referring to asteroids, which are small rocky or icy bodies which orbit the Sun. There are many thousands of asteroids, most of which orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Most of the asteroids are too small to see, but a few of the larger ones are visible without a telescope.

What is the object in the solar system that could float in the water?

Saturn. Also, some ice asteroids.Saturn. Also, some ice asteroids.Saturn. Also, some ice asteroids.Saturn. Also, some ice asteroids.

Is there such thing as asteroids?

Yes, And there are alot of them all over space. they float in something called an asteroid belt and are made up of metal and rock! aslo ice

What do comets and asteroids not have in common?

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

How do you spell asteroids?


What is in an asteroids aptmosphere?

No asteroids have atmospheres.

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