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Q: Can maggots eat through plastic bags?
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How do paper bags decompose?

Does paper and plastic bags decompose at the same rate i think by insects that are in the grond. They eat through it but when it is like other dead insects in the ground they eat through it like humans eat through food. But i know it takes longer than a day for paper bags to be decompose and it takes 500 years for plastic bags to be decompose.

Does stomach acid eat through plastic bags?

No. Stomach acid is mostly H Cl (hydrogen chloride). Many plastic bags are made of polyethylene which is not attacked quickly by HCl.

Can maggots eat through wood?

Maggots do not have the ability to process cellulose. Termites are capable of doing this but not the larvae of flies.

If a snail was left in a closed space with plastic bags would it eat the plastic?


Which choice is stated in the research essay as a reason that plastic bags are a problem on beaches?

Plastic bags kill the marine creatures that eat them. -apex

Can a worm eat through a plastic bag?

No, worms can not eat through plastic.

Will maggots eat calluses?

no maggots will only eat dead tissue.

What can you do to prevent turtles eating plastic bags?

Turtles mistaken plastic bags for jellyfish so they eat them for food but the plastic bag gets stuck in their throat so that the can't eat any more, therefor they die from lack of food.

Why does your cat try to eat plastic bags?

Generally a cat will attack plastic bags because they rustle intriguingly and make sounds similar to escaping prey. If your cat is trying to eat plastic bags, it is likely that she has gotten a bit confused by the sounds or has simply carried the play a bit too far. Do not allow your cat to actually eat plastic bags; they will cause intestinal blockage, which can be life-threatening; if your cat starts trying to eat the bag which she has caught, take it away from her.

Do maggots eat vultures?

Maggots will eat the flesh of any dead animal.

Do maggots eat sweets?

Maggots do eat sugary products, especially candy. Maggots are the larvae of flies and they also eat decomposing flesh of dead bodies.

How are leatherback turtles going extinct?

We throw plastic see through bags into the sea, which they think are jellyfish and eat them. They then can't swallow and stuff, and you can guess the rest

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