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yes it just takes longer to charge, but check how much Amps (A) your charger gives out and how much Amps your battery can take if the battery has lower Amperage (A), don't do it, otherwise you're fine.


No, the charging unit has to have a higher output that the battery voltage that it is charging. For example, on a 12 volt car battery the charging rate is 13.5 volts.

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2011-09-10 18:00:05
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Q: Can 5v charger charge a 7.5v battery?
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Can 5v 1amp charger charge a 5v 2amp battery?


Can you use 5V with 100MA charger for device requiring 5V and 1A?

No. In general, a charger needs to be able to figure out when the battery has reached full charge, otherwise the charger can damage the battery by overcharging it. You need to use the specific charger required for the battery. And, if you are trying to power a non-battery device that requires 1A from a 5V 100mA source, you will not be able to maintain 5V, so it will not work there either.

How you charge 5v battery with 6v generator?

You don't.

Can a 9 volt battery charger be used to charge a mobile phone?

Most of the mobile phones have batteries of less than 5V rating, mostly up to 3.7V.Chargers are typically rated for less than 5V.Caution: It is not safe to charge these with a 9V charger. The battery may explode..

Can you use a 5v 7a charger to charge a 6v 600mha battery?

Unlikely. First off, I can't think of any battery chemistry that would reach 5V, which makes me think that it's not a charger but simply a power supply that you are talking about. And while it's possible to charge a battery that way, the power supply won't have any means of stopping the charge once the battery is full. So unless you're monitoring the charge by some other means, there's a real risk of overcharging and damaging the battery. Secondly, if it is a charger, using a charger rated for a lower voltage than the battery, it'll stop charging too soon, leaving you with only a partially charged battery. Third, while not impossible, 7 amps would be a lot to push from a 5V source. If it's correct, pushing 7 amps into a 0.6 amp-hour battery really isn't a good move. It'd be a too high charge rate.

Can you use any usb mains charger to charge your flip mino hd camera?

If the mains charger is not broken it will work as good as a computer usb port, all they do is supply 5V to the battery charging circuitry inside your camera.

Can a 5v battery charger be used to charge a 3.7 v battery?

Last night I took my zen vision w which has a 3.7v battery and i tried to charge it with a 5v usb wall charger. At first it was charging normally, my zen even turned on, when I came home from walking the dogs my zens screen was black and the blue light just flashed five times every time i tried to turn it on. So I guess the answer is no, i guess i blew a cuircuit. I feel horrible...

How long does it take to charge a 10000 mAh battery with a 5v 2.1 amp input voltage?

It takes 10-12 hours to charge a 10000 mAh battery with a 5v 2.1 amp input voltage.

I have a 20mAh power bank with 5V 2.1A output, Can I charge my Realme phone which supports VOOC 5V 4A charger I know it will charge my device slower but will it harm my device?

لا يشكل ضرر

How do you charge a Blackberry Curve phone from a 5 volt DC source?

Use your USB port or get a Blackberry charger (it's converted to 5v)

Will a Sony Walkman charge with a iPod wall charger?

Yes - the Ipod charger is 5.1v, and the Walkman is 5v. Use the Sony USB cable &amp; it will charger just fine (Sony NWZ-Z1040 charged with Ipod/Ipad/Iphone USB charger confirmed).

Can I keep using my camera while the battery is charging with SterlingTek's Premium Fuji 5V Digital Camera Charger?

The SterlingTek charger allows you to continuously use your Fuji while you're at home or in the studio.

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