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there is a island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle thats why the bermuda triangle doesnt let you in because it doesnt want you to see the island

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2013-04-10 23:50:38
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Q: Are there any islands in the Bermuda triangle?
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Do any people live on the islands of the Bermuda triangle?


Where does the name Bermuda triangle came from?

it is between the three islands out of one is named bermuda and it is triangle shape hence it is named as bermuda triangle

Did Bermuda get its name from Bermuda triangle?

The other way around. It's called the Bermuda Triangle because the islands are one "corner" of it.

Is there an island in the Bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is not a set defined area, and different accounts of the Bermuda Triangle give different measurements of it. In most of these, there are several islands.

Is the Bermuda triangle near Madgascar?

No, the Bermuda triangle is formed by lines drawn from Miami Florida to the Bermuda and Puerto Rico, and includes most of the Bahama Islands.

Is the Bermuda triangle reason for dissapeareneses?

the fog and the strong wind currents and also the sharp edges on the islands near the bermuda triangle

How many islands in the Bermuda triangle?

3: san juan puerto rico bermuda miami

Which Oceania region includes all the islands within a triangle that stretches from Hawaii to Easter islands and then to new Zealand?

Bermuda Triangle

How do you get to the Bermuda triangle?

Take any of the major cruise lines out of Miami Florida and you are in the Bermuda triangle.

What three islands make up the Bermuda triangle?

Bermuda Island, Perto Rico, and Miami (Florida,US)....

What are the islands in the Bermuda Triangle?

i like to sing to camels when i fly to netherland, on a hippogriff.

What does it look like when you enter the Bermuda triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle doesn't look any different from the other oceans.

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