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Angelfish reproduce sexually, meaning they require both a male and female to fertilize eggs. The female releases eggs into the water, and the male fertilizes them externally.

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Q: Angelfish reproduce asexually or sexually
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Does all insects reproduce sexually or asexually?

Mostly sexually, but some insects can reproduce asexually, such as the aphid

Can the organisms in the protista kingdom reproduce sexually or asexually?

i think asexually

Do zooflagellates ever reproduce sexually?

Yes. They can produce sexually and asexually.

Which organisms reproduce sexually and asexually?

flamingo or shark

What fungi only reproduce asexually?

False, most fungi reproduce both asexually and sexually.

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They reproduce sexually

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They reproduce Asexually

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They reproduce asexually

How can angiosperm reproduce sexually and asexually?

Angiosperms reproduce sexually through the process of pollination, where pollen is transferred from the male reproductive organ to the female reproductive organ. Asexual reproduction in angiosperms can occur through processes such as vegetative propagation, where new plants are produced from vegetative structures like roots, stems, or leaves without the involvement of seeds or spores.

Do ladybugs reproduce sexually or asexually?

Mosquitos reproduce sexually.

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Teacup pigs reproduce sexually. All animals reproduce sexually. Only plants have the ability to reproduce asexually.

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Animals reproduce sexually not asexually. They have to have two animals to procreate, including both a male and a female.

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Bobcats reproduce sexually.

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Worms reproduce sexually by mating with another worm of the same species. They typically have separate male and female individuals, although some species can also reproduce asexually through fragmentation or parthenogenesis.

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