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Billy Joel plays the harmonica as well as the piano in Piano man.

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Q: Who plays harmonica in piano man?
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What is the name of the Billy Joel song with the harmonica solo?

Piano Man, from the album Piano Man, released 1973.

Who is the man that is African American great musican blind at birth first albumn at age 12 and plays the harmonica piano and more?

Stevie Wonder

What key is the harmonica in the Billy Joel song Piano Man?

I havn't tried the harmonica part so I'm just guessing. I play the piano part in the key of C so my best guess is the harmonica might be a C or it might be an A

Other than Piano Man what songs are there that include piano and harmonica?

"Leave a Tender Moment Alone" from The Bridge is one.

What insmtrament did billy Joel's play?

Billy Joel plays the piano, Hammond organ, accordion, guitar, harmonica, and he sings.

What does Bruno Mars play?

He plays all the Guitars (bass, electric, acoustic, etc.) Piano, Keyboard, Drums and the Harmonica <3 :)

Who played with Stevie wonder?

Harmonica and piano.

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It depends on the Harmonica. I have a G Major harmonica, my Dad has an A Major harmonica, my brother has a C major harmonica and my Grandpa has several in different keys as well. If you weren't told what key your harmonica is in when you bought it, you can figure it out with a piano.

What instrument is not typically found in spanish music?


What instruments does Josh Ramsay play?

The ones we know of are guitar, drums, harmonica, bass, piano, and more.

What songs did mick jagger play a musical instrument?

Mick Jagger was a lead SINGER but he did play harmonica and a little guitar, as well as some percussion (maraccas, tambourine, etc.)

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Christofer Drew Ingle(full name) is Never Shout Never. An Alternative/&+ pop one-man-band. He's a great singer and songwriter He Plays Uke and Guitar and Harmonica,piano and stuff(: He was Born on Febuary 11,1991. And He's an amazing artist: