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There are 2 guys in Lady Antebellum - Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. The lady in the group is Hillary Scott.

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Q: Who is the guy singing with Lady Antebellum?
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Who is the lead guy of Lady Antebellum?

charles kelley

What is the name of the lead guy singer of Lady Antebellum?

Charles Kelley

When was Lady Antebellum created?

Lady Antebellum was created in 2006.

Where does lady antebellum?

lady antebellum lives in Hawaii i got to meet her

What are lady antabellums albums?

Lady Antebellum AlbumsAll Lady Antebellum albums with lyrics, reviews and discussions. Cached - : Lady

Was Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum ever try out for American idol?

No she started singing when she was little and wrote her own music records.

Where does Lady Antebellum live?

lady antebellum lives in hawaii i got to meet her

What will lady antebellum's sixth single be?

Lady Antebellum's sixth single was "Our Kind Of Love"

Who is the singer that is a girl in Lady Antebellum?

Hillary Scott is the ONLY lady antebellum girl singer.

Does Lady Antebellum have anew CD?

CDs- 2008- Lady Antebellum 2010- Need You Now

Does Lady Antebellum's album 'Need You Now' have 'I Run to You' on it?

No I Run to You is on their 1st album - Lady Antebellum

What actors and actresses appeared in Lady Antebellum Downtown Music Video - 2013?

The cast of Lady Antebellum Downtown Music Video - 2013 includes: Dave Haywood as Lady Antebellum