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a cappella

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Q: What is singing without accompaniment called?
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A gospel quartet singing without instrumental accompaniment is called?

a capella

What is singing only in a song called?

"a cappella," which specifically means singing without instrumental accompaniment.

Early gospel quartets sang in an a capella style which means?

singing without instrumental accompaniment.

What is unaccompanied singing called-no music?

A cappella means to sing without any instrumental accompaniment.

What is the name of a singing group without musical accompaniment that sound like musical instruments?

It is called acapella.

When someone sings a capella this is called what?

Acapella singing is a manner of singing without any musical accompaniment. Literally meaning 'in the manner of the church' in Italian, this type of singing can be hauntingly beautiful and is best known as sung by Gospel singers and Barber Shop Groups It's style crosses all genres of music.

Imagine your taking notes for Cecil sharp as he travel es through Appalachia what are you most likely to find?

A singer singing without any instrumental accompaniment.(apex)

How many instruments are played in acappella?

None. A Capella is defined as singing without instrumental sound.

What term a Capella refers to choral music performed?

Singing without instrument accompaniment

What is the musical meaning of a cappella?

It means without accompaniment (instruments). In other words all vocals, no other music.

What is an acappella performance?

The Italian language phrase "a cappella" means singing without musical accompaniment.

What is the term used to describe singing without any musical accompaniment?

A capella A cappela