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Can not understand question. Do you want the name of the Song or the words before it became the theme song

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Q: How should you type out Jeopardy theme song?
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Where can I find the Miser brothers' theme song?

try youtube type the song press enter and you should find it

What is the name of Sango's theme song?

Sango's theme song has no particular name. It is just Sango's theme. They didn't name the song. Just type in Sango's theme song, and you'll find it on Youtube.

Where can you get the boondocks theme song on your PSP? just type the boondocks theme song and it will come up

What should you type into itunes to find Jeff Hardy's new theme song in total nonstop wrestling?

The name of his current TNA theme is Modest by Peroxwhy?gen.

What is kelly kelly theme song name?

Holla. Go on Youtube and type in Holla Kelly Kelly's Theme Song.

What is the theme song for Kings?

The adverts use different songs and usually end with a whistle which is the only type of theme song they have.

Who sings theme song for movie called five?

leona lewis its called Happy oh and also you can type in the lyrics of a song into google and it should pull up the song that way.

Is the 2007-2008 Pittsburgh Penguins theme song on LimeWire If so what should you search This is the song

i have the song. I downloaded it from limewire titled "Pittsburgh Penguins Theme 2008" If you just type in "pittsburgh Penguins" there are some of the older ones too! Hope i helped

How do you get the halo theme song as a ringtone on your phone?

Type in the phone name in,Then type in the phone number.

How do you find mighty the armadillo's theme song?

type in on google videos mighty the armadillo's theme song. The video may have a mixture of different forgotten characters theme songs but eventually you will hear mighty's.

What are the Japanese Words to the D.N.Angel Theme?

go on youtube and type in dark night true light or D.N.Angel Theme Song lyrics in Japanese and the song will come up.

Hbk song download where? , Bee mp3 or just type in this hbk theme song download link