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Jagger / Richards

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Q: Who wrote the rolling stones songs?
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Which 2 members of the rolling stones wrote many of there songs?

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

How many songs does The Rolling Stones have?


How many songs did mick jagger write for the rolling stones?

i think the stones wrote 437 songs BUT my favroite song by the stones is GET OFF MY CLOUD AND START ME UP AND BROWN SUGAR

Who taught the rolling stones how to write songs?

the beatles

How many Rolling Stones songs are there?

The Rolling Stones hold the record for the most recorded songs of all time. After releasing their 29th album, GRRR!, their record increased to 439 songs.

What Rolling Stones songs did Ronnie Montrose cover?


Who sang satisfracion?

The Rolling Stones, and the songs called "Satisfaction,"

What songs have PAINT in their titles?

Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

Who wrote 'Something Better' by marianne faithfull?

The Rolling Stones

Who wrote the book rolling with the stones in 2002?

Bill Wyman

The songs from black ops?

rolling stones songs such as sympathy for the devil, gimme shelter etc.

What Rolling Stones songs were played in the Wendell Baker story?