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Q: Who is the redhead in the gangnam style video?
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Who is the redhead in the music video for Gangnam Style by PSY?

Kim Hyuna

What is the URL for psy - Gangnam Style?

Psy's Gangnam Style music video can be found in YouTube as well as embedded in many websites.See Official Gangnam Style music video

What is the name of the subway girl in gangnam style video?

Kim Hyuna is a fellow South Korean Singer and Rapper that appears with Psy in the Gangnam Style music video.

What is the name of the girl in gangnam style music video?


What is the fastest growing video on youtube?

Simple Gangnam Style

Does Mitt Romney dance to Gangnam Style for real?

No, that video on YouTube look like Mitt Romney dancing to Gangnam Style is a fake video. I was there when Mitt Romney gave his first speech.

What is the most viewed video on YouTube Gangnam style PSY With nearly 2 000 000 000 views?

Yes, Gangnam Style by PSY is currently the most viewed video on YouTube.

Is gangnam style famous?

"Gangnam Style" became the most watched music video of all time. The hit single song reached the number one position in more than 30 countries. The fame of Gangnam Style is unmatched.

Who is that little kid in gangnam style?

The young boy in the Gangnam Style music video is Hwang Min Woo who has previously appeared on Korea's Got Talent 2.

What is the guy with the yellow suits name in the gangnam style music video?


What language is gangam style in?

The video and soundtrack 'Gangnam Style' by PSY is in Korean, the genre is called 'K-Pop'.

What strange event happens during Belshazzar's feast?

oppa Gangnam Style