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Jason's It Girl video)

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Q: Who is the model in Jason derulo video the other side?
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Who is the female model in Jason derulo's otherside video?

Erika Marosi

Was matchbox twenty lead singer rob thomas in jason derulo's music video the other side?

yes he was

Did the girl in Jason Derulo's music video for In My Head want to do it?

The girl in Jason Derulo's video obviously wanted to do it because they have to audition to get the part, a bit like a movie audition, and she auditioned and got the part.

Who is the girl full name needed in the Jason derulo video what if?

Megan fox

What is the Jason derulo song were in the video his girlfriend gets ran over by a car?

What If

What store can you get the jacket Jason Derulo wore in the video ridin solo?


Who is the girl in the 'jason derulo- what if music video?

Her name is Jill she is hooked up to Jason derulo.that is her man right their.she ever get rid of him. no they are not married.shehopes someday they will be. I disagree, the girl in the video "What If" by Jason Derulo is actually Pristine Bianca Emmons.

Who is that girl in Jason's derulo's video skys the limit?

Deb D'Agostino she is model from New York City. Sorry but the girl in skys the limit by jason derulo cannot be deb d agostino. she looks completely different. just look at in my head and ridin solo. it cannt be her.

What glasses is Jason Derulo wearing in the music video The Sky is the Limit?

mercury sunglasses by Nooka

Who has Jason derulo dated?

Jason hasint dated many people but he has dated Taylor swift and his costar in his music video ' It Girl'

Who is Jason derulo's wife?

He is currently dating a supermodel called emillia karavelatzis, she was starred in his video clip called "In my Head". She was with him in an interview and kissed him on stage at one of his concerts.No he does not he is to busy with music and tours

Is the video it girl by Jason derulo dirty?

No not really, there are dirtyer moments but ther like a second long.