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The lead singer is Dave Mustaine.

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2009-10-20 19:55:37
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Q: Who is the lead singer for megadeth?
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Who is the singer for the band Megadeth?

The lead singer of Megadeth is Dave Mustaine. He is also the lead and rhythm guitarist.

The lead singer for Megadeth Dave Mustane was a part of which other thrash metal band?


Who is megadeth?

An amazing band Dave mustain the lead singer/lead-rythem guitarist is the former lead player of metallica he was kicked due to his drug and alchohal porblems

Who is the woman in the Megadeth video?

If you are referring to the A Tout le Monde video. Her name is Cristina Scabbia and she is the lead singer for Lacuna Coil. She guested on the track.

Is Dave Mustaine cool?

Dave Mustaine is the lead singer for the thrash metal band, Megadeth. In person, Dave Mustaine is a very down to Earth and friendly guy.

Who is Marty Friedman?

Marty friedman was the lead guitarist of megadeth

Who is Megadeth's lead guitarist?

Not a correct question, Dave Mustaine lead/rythm curently Chris Broderick lead/rythm

Who plays lead for Megadeth?

Megadeath founder Dave Mustane (Ex Metallica) is Megadeath,s lead guitarist.

Who are the members of Megadeth?

Dave Mustaine - Rhythm/Lead Guitarist, Lead VocalistChris Broderick - Rhythm/Lead GuitaristDavid Ellefson - BassistShawn Drover - Drummer

Is the singer of metallica today the original singer of when the first started?

The current singer (James Hetfield) has always been the original. For the person who put Dave Mustaine, that's Megadeth stupid.

Who was the composer of the song Go to Hell?

The song, Go to Hell, was written and produced by Dave Mustaine. Dave Mustaine, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Megadeth, wrote and recorded Go to Hell with the band in 1990.

Who is the lead singer of REM?


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