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Etta James

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Q: Who is the jazz singer with the last name James?
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Is there a jazz singer last name Perkins?

There was a blues singer called Pinetop Perkins. Possibly it's him that you are referring to.

What was the name of the first talkie?

"The Jazz Singer "

Is there a jazz singer who has a name Peterson?

yes there is

What is a proper noun for a singer?

The name of the singer or something like Jazz singer.

What famous people in US History have last name v?

Sarah Vaughan. (1924-1990) American jazz singer

What is the name of Etta James music?

Etta James is best known as a Blues singer, songwriter. She also sang gospel, Jazz, and early Rock N Roll.

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The first name of the jazz singer Bailey?


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What is the first name of the female jazz singer whose second name is Black?

There is a female jazz singer named Cindy Blackman but I did not fine someone named Black.