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Tristyn Daily

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Q: Who is the girl in a day to remember music video have faith in me?
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What is the name of the girl from Jay Sean's Do you remember music video?

Jasmine Garcia

Justin sings the word girl in this song?

I saw the music video and I can't remember but I don't think so

Anyone remember Aerosmith's song that music video has one guy like unreal girl robot?

Hole in My soul

Who is the girl in th come get her music video?

The music video by Rae sumurd

Who is the girl in confessions of a broken heart music video?

The 'girl' is Lindsay Lohan. The little girl in the music video is her sister Aliana Lohan.

What is the color of Rihanna's hair in the only girl music video?

Rihanna's hair was red in the only girl music video.

Who is the girl that was in Justin Biebers Music video One tme?

The girl in the music video One Time is Kristen Rodeheaver.

Who is the girl in his 'Baby' music video?

That girl was tonenaja

I'm looking for rock music. I watched this music video in 2009. And in the U.S. Now I remember a glamour girl drummer hitting the drums. I'm really sorry about information, but I really want to find the this music. thx?

listen to imagen dragons they ae goo

Why did Justin Bieber kiss the girl from his music video Baby?

He kissed the girl from the music video because that was what they were planing on doing in the music video, but they cut that part out. That stupid azz girl made him kiss her ppl told me and they ain't dating

Would anyone tell me if they remember a music video featuring a creepy doll and dollhouse with a girl running around inside trying to escape a giant machine full of knives?

I remember it.

Is usher in the music video favorite girl by Justin bieber?

I dont see how he could've been when there never was a music video for Favorite Girl...