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she is tupacs half sister

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Q: Who is sekyiwa shakur?
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Does Tupac have any siblings?

Yeah, he has a sister named Sekyiwa Shakur, and a step brother named Mopreme Shakur.

Is Tupac the only child?

No. He had a sister named Sekyiwa Shakur, and a stepbrother named Mopreme Shakur.

Does tupac have a have a twin brother?

He has a sister Assata Shakur, half-sister Sekyiwa and a on older stepbrother Mopreme Shakur.

How many brothers and sister did tupac have and there names?

half sister - Sekyiwa Shakur

Is any of Tupac's relatives alive?

Yes, his sister Sekyiwa Shakur his mother Afini Shakur his godmother Assata Shakur, Mutulu Shakur, his stepfather (currently serving time in prison), and his stepbrother Mopreme Shakur.

Has Tupac got any brothers or sisters?

* Afeni Shakur (his mom). * Mutulu Shakur (his step-dad). * Assata Shakur (pronounced Assist-a) (his godmother). * Mopreme Shakur (his step-brother). * Sekyiwa Shakur (pronounced Sec-Shu-Wa) (his sister).

Did 2pac's sister have children?

Yeah he has a sister name Seksyiwa Shakur, a step brother name Mopreme Shakur, and some people say Kadafi was his half brother others say he wasn't he was his cousin and some say they were not related at all so it's really unknown about whether if Kadafi and Pac are kin.

Who are 2pac relatives?

2Pac's relatives include his mother Afeni Shakur and his father Billy Garland. He had one stepbrother named Mopreme "Komani" Shaku and a half-sister named Sekyiwa.

Did tupac big sister get killed?

Nothing happened to her, she's just not in the spot light.

What is the birth name of Kinya Shakur?

Kinya Shakur's birth name is Kinya Shakur Rector.

How do you pronounce shakur?

As in Tupac Shakur? Sha-koor

What does the name shakur mean?

shakur means thankful