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When a pedestrians crossing the street they should look both ways to make sure there is oncoming traffic. Pedestrians should also use sidewalks and only cross the street at an intersection.

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Q: When crossing a street pedestrians?
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When crossing a street pedestrians should?

Look left <- Look right -> Left again <- Right again -> Listen Now cross __________ __________> __________

What action should you take if you encounter a pedestrian crossing the street where there is no marked cross walk?

Yield the right of way to them, as they are still pedestrians.

Do pedestrians ever have the right of way?

Yes when crossing a zebra or pelican crossing. [in the UK]

Which pedestrians are most likely not to use safe crossing?

young children

In California pedestrians crossing outside of a marked crosswalk must what the right-of-way to other vehicles.?

In California, pedestrians crossing outside of a marked crosswalk must __________ the right-of-way to other vehicles.

What must a driver do at a pelican crossing do when the amber light is flashing?

If there are pedestrians still crossing when the amber light is flashing, the motorist must remain stationary. If there are no pedestrians crossing, the motorist can proceed. (But, be careful of pedestrians taking a chance and attempting to cross when the amber light is flashing - it is best to use caution until the light turns green.)

People in the street what are they called?

you may mean pedestrians

Wave pedestrians across the street if there is no crosswalk?


You must yield the right of way to pedestrians who are crossing?

. . . at an intersection or in a marked crosswalk.

What type of UK crossing are cyclists allowed to cross with pedestrians?

They are Toucan Crossings.

What is zebra crossing?

A Zebra Crossing is another term for a pedestrian crossing, where pedestrians have right of way at anytime. The road is painted with white and black stripes hence the name Zebra crossing

Should we always help out pedestrians by waving them across the street?


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