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French Horn in F plays a G

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Q: When a piano plays middle C what does a french horn play?
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Does Vanessa Williams play the violin?

Yes, Vanessa Williams plays the Violin, she also plays the French horn and piano

What instruments does Andrew Lloyd webber play?

French horn, violin, and piano.

Do notes on a piano change on French horn?

The note names on a piano don't correspond with the note names on french horn. A piano is in the key of C and a french horn is in the key of F.

What key is the french horn in?

The French horn is an F instrument. That means when a middle C is played on the horn, it sounds the same as an F a fifth below middle C on the piano.

What is the instrument at the beginning of from a mountain in the middle of the cabins?

French horn plays in the beginning with what sounds like flutes in the background.

What do you call a banana that plays the french horn?

a banana that play the french horn dur

What instrument did Quincy Jones play?

Trumpet, French Horn, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Keyboard and Synthesizer.

What instruments did Andrew webber play?

french horn violin piano

Who do you call the person who plays the french horn?

A hornist or a horn player

Transpose french horn e flat in the key piano plays in?

Piano plays in c.. To transpose to Eb lower the written note one line or space and use the key signature of b and e flat and add the written key signature

What instrument would NOT be found in a New Orleans jazz band?

French horn, piano.

What does Adrian Grenier do?

Adrian Grenier is a actor, a producer, a director and a musician. He played the lead role in Entourage as Vincent Chase. He plays guitar, drums, French horn, and the piano.