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Q: What size bulb for a 3 D cell flashlight?
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Why does your Maglite flashlight blow the light bulb as soon as you turn it on?

If you have recently purchased light bulbs for your light, it is probably because you have bought the wrong voltage bulb. There are several different types of MagLites and each one must match the voltage of the batteries to the voltage of the bulb. For example: If you bought a 3v bulb (2-cell) and put it in a 4-C Maglite, you'll blow the bulb (4 batteries x 1.5v = 6v total) There are two types of brand-name bulbs for incandescent (non-LED) Maglites. The original OEM bulb was a Krypton bulb and the newer, brighter bulbs are Xenon. They are available for all two through six cell C and D size Maglite flashlights. Krypton bulbs LWSA201 - 2-Cell Krypton LWSA301 - 3-Cell Krypton LWSA401 - 4-Cell Krypton LWSA501 - 5-Cell Krypton LWSA601 - 6-Cell Krypton Xenon bulbs LMSA201 - 2-Cell Xenon LMSA301 - 3-Cell Xenon LMSA401 - 4-Cell Xenon LMSA501 - 5-Cell Xenon LMSA601 - 6-Cell Xenon See the "Related Links" for examples of each

If you leave a solar-powered flashlight in the sun for 8 hours it will stay lit for 3 hours Hypothesize what would happen if you placed the flashlight under a bright light bulb for eight hours?

Well since this is a hypothesize question my hypothesize is: "If I place that light bulb it wont stay lit

What is the size of a plant cell?

The cell is 1/3 of a millimeter.

Why can flashlights be nonluminous?

there are three reasons that cause the flashlight non 1. battery is out of power 2. the tmeperature of bulb is too height to cause short circuit 3. soaking

What size is the cmos battery?

DL button cell 3 volts size of a quarter

What are componenets of a circuit?

The components of a circuit are:- 1: A battery or cell 2: A switch 3: A bulb 4: A wire

How do i use the flashlight in cherry mobile phone model D13?

first turn on your cell phone then press and hold down number 0 to 3 - 4 seconds

What are the three energy transformations that take place when you use a flashlight?

The energy transformations that I would mention are as follows:Chemical Potential Energy --> Electrical Energy (In Battery)Electrical Energy --> Light Energy (In Bulb)Electrical Energy --> Heat Energy (In Bulb)Transformations 2 and 3 happen at the same time, because 3 is a side-effect of the intended transformation 2. I can't think of any other transformations, unless you wanted to consider the process of making the battery, or take the example of an unconventional flashlight.

How much light does a flashlight hold?


How is a car and flashlight different?

Very little difference. A flashlight generally only has one bulb whereas a car has many bulbs in around 3 different colours. Weighing up the pros and cons of each needs to be taken on merit - i.e. it's slightly easier to check the plumbing under a kitchen sink using a flashlight (trying to use a car can sometimes cause unnecessary damage) however a flashlight can't always pick out pedestrians on a busy road when travelling at 70 mph. Hope this helps!

How do you make a bulb which glow on your clapping bulb?

you have to need IC 3 ,bulb

What gives the biggest resistance 3 volt bulb or 6 volt bulb?

3 volt bulb gives the biggest resistance